Friday, July 1, 2011

Yay! I'm a winner!

I've won a few giveaways recently. The first one I ever won was an instant flash giveaway & it was for a Green Sprouts bamboo baby spoon, fork, & bowl & a bpa free sippy cup. I recently put a couple of them to use. They seem to work well. The spoon is shaped perfectly for Felix's mouth & the bowl's a great size for his current small 'beginning to eat solids' meals & will work equally well as he gets older & eats more solids. I also won another time on a flash giveaway for some printable scrapbooking clip art, but the seller never came through, even after contacting the hostess. Oh well. I recently won a collapsible water bottle that I'm still waiting on & will probably do a review of once I've tried it out. Today I found out I won the grand prize in a giveaway from The Simple Garden & received their square planter set & the junior 3 pack set. That's about $50 worth of container gardening I just got for free! Yes! I'm super excited to plant some kitchen herbs in the 3 pack for my kitchen window. I need to have basil growing in there after the garden is done for the year. I'm not sure what all is coming in this set, but will definitely review it when it gets here. Now, if only I could win some cloth diapers, but everyone seems to enter those giveaways. I lucked out with these ones.

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