Tuesday, June 28, 2011

car crashes

On what was his 2nd day of stickshift driving lessons after getting his permit, my 17 year old son crashed the car & totalled it. Thankfully, it wasn't the new car (It was the 13 year old beater we got for free that my husband uses sometimes to get to work if I need the main car.) & no one was injured aside from some bruising & shoulder pain. He was going up the block to Rally's to get some ice cream with some BOGO coupons we had after taking the recycling out to the neighbourhood bins. My husband said he saw the oncoming car, but that my son apparently panicked when releasing the clutch & slammed the gas instead of the brake at the same time, T-boning the other car, deploying their airbags. The other car's occupants were pissed until they found out he was  a teenager with a new permit just learning to drive. They had to call a friend to come get them, since they were a couple hours from home, but we've been in contact with them & the insurance companies, since we were at fault. So, we're a one car family again & I just wonder how much my insurance will go up after this. :(


  1. I'm sorry about your son's accident. Did you get my e mail about winning the Simple garden? Please get back to me by tonight or I will have to choose another winner.

  2. I am so glad that everyone was ok, but very sorry to hear about your car. :(