Monday, July 25, 2011

Lucky me

I'm still waiting on a few winnings, but it appears I'm on a streak. For every 40 or so giveaways I enter, I win one. In the past couple days I won a Savvycents coupon organizer wallet & a Bee All Natural organic lip balm (I chose grapefruit.) & Bee All Natural organic baby powder-I chose natural/unscented. I'm really getting into entering these giveaways while I'm sitting watching TV. Felix is asleep in my lap, so I'm pretty much a captive audience. Kind of unrelated- I love sleeping with him & snuggling with him. I love the ease with which I can nurse while cosleeping, but I wish he would sleep in his crib at times so I can get off the couch or have his brothers hold him at night without him waking up. I need to stretch & pee at times, ya know? Anyway, can't wait til my winnings come in. Still waiting on:
scrapbook templates,(Gave up for lost-no response from sponsor)
Sip & Go, (collapsible water pouch)
Bee All Natural lip balm & baby powder,
Savvycents coupon organizer
I think that's it. I'd love to win some diapers though. I need my luck fairy to send my mojo that way. :)

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