Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kroger Haul

Here's this week's grocery haul. Got a bunch of produce at Aldi & with the sales going on at Kroger this week, along with coupons, managed to get everything we need (as a family of 5) for a week for $75! I didn't even use WIC checks this week. Here's a pic of everything we got at Kroger. There's a few things I didn't need, like the Thermacare & Advil thrown in, because hey, it was under a buck. What we got from Kroger: 2 regular size boxes of Rice Krispies, 2 regular size boxes of Cocoa Krispies, 2 ct. box Thermacare wraps, 2 boxes 24 ct Advil, 10 oz cherry tomatoes, parsley, bok choy, Beech Nut baby juice, Beech Nut baby oatmeal, 6 pack Quilted Northern,( the only thing I paid full price for) 2 big bags of store brand marshmallows, which I won't eat because of the gelatin, but will donate or my husband will eat them or something-got them free for buying the cereal, 8 bottles of Honest Tea, 2 half gallons almond milk, 1 bottle Nivea for men body wash, 3 cubes Kleenex, 2 tubs vegan margarine, & a 50 oz bottle of Wisk. We paid $38 & saved $52! 60% savings-not too bad..

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