Friday, September 9, 2011

Great freebies from Vocalpoint

If you haven't signed up with Vocalpoint, you should! They give you lots of free samples & great high-value coupons. Next week they're doing a promotion for Del Monte Fruit Naturals in juice, not syrup. That means you'll be able to score some free most likely. I love being a Vocalpoint member. just copy & paste the link into your browser to register & then check back here on Tuesday to get the exclusive savings code.

Here's the savings link:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Marsh Haul

Marsh again tripled coupons to 99 cents this weekend. Tomorrow's the last day they're doing it. So, quickly-here's what I got: (No pic this time as I split it between 2 trips)
6 4 packs Hunts pudding
3 bags PB & Choc Bugles
6 boxes Quaker chewy granola bars
1 Clif Mojo bar
2 jars Mt. Olive dill relish
2 cans Dole pineapple juice
2 jars Planters pb
6 lbs Domino sugar
1 sm box Bisquick
1 jar Barilla sauce
4 bottles Kraft dressing
1 can Red Gold tomatoes w/ chiles
2 lg bottles Heinz ketchup
2 bottles French's honey mustard
1 gallon milk
4 cans Dole tropical fruit salad
2 bags Rhodes frozen rolls
1 box Honey Nut Cheerios
2 boxes Totinos pizza rolls
2 32 oz Yoplait yogurt
1 4 pack Yoplait original
1 pack Yoplait parfait cups
1 Gerber toddler meals
1 bag Chipotle Chex Mix
4 cups Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt
2 cups Yoplait Greek yogurt
2 bags Temptations cat treats
1 sm bottle original Dawn
2 2 packs Gum Crayola toothbrushes
1 Gum toothbrush
1 sm bottle Tabasco
2 50 oz Era
1 Choreboy scouring pad
1 Suave deodorant
2 packs Sargento sliced cheese
Total before coupons: $193.03
Total after coupons: $53.03
Close to 75% savings!!!!