Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another fantastic Haul & Terrible Parenting on display

 Took advantage of Meijer's 10 for 10 sale & managed to get all this for $58:
4 69 oz Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (my favourite deal)
4 6 oz Chex Mix
4 cans Fancy Feast
5 bananas
6 coloured bell peppers
2 loaves bread
1 hamburger bun pack
1 french baguette
4 sm boxes Totinos Pizza Rolls
2 Kraft veggie mac & cheese boxes
1 head broccoli
6 nectarines
1 bag Marzetti croutons
1 Betty Crocker brownie mix
1 Betty Crocker carrot cake mix
2 34 oz Ajax dish soap
4 sm boxes green Giant veggies
1 pack of  8 tortillas
2 king size Reeses Cups
4 boxes Suddenly Salad
2 cans chickpeas
3 8 oz packs portabellas
8 oz feta
1 13 oz bottle Pantene

Quite a great haul. We actually got an additional $21 as well, but that was all WIC stuff, so doesn't really count. :) We stopped at Wal-Mart before heading to Meijer, & are both glad we did. We normally won't shop at them if we can help it because of their shoddy quality & deplorable business practices, but we figured that by getting stuff for free from them, it's harming the corporation slightly. Besides, I haven't been to one in over a year, so it's not like I'm part of their huge greedy machine. Anyway, while there picken up a nearly free paint sample & a great deal on Oxi-Clean spray, Joel found a 2 pack of large Nyquil bottles. He even found them in the more palatable cherry flavour. They were marked down to $7, but still bore their original tag of $15. At the register they rang up as $5. Score! All in all, a pretty great day of shopping, although we unfortunately got to witness some terrible parenting: a lady telling her 3 year old daughter to shut up multiple times & something I didn't see, but when Joel told me about made me furious. If I would have seen it, I would've marched over, Felix strapped to me, gave the lady $3 & told her not to talk to her child that way. Apparently, this Amazon of a woman was berating her son, who was about 12, holding a leaking gallon of milk. She was berating & yelling at the poor guy, calling him a worthless piece of shit, dumbass, etc. saying that because of his uselessness she was out a gallon of milk. Seriously, I would've flipped if I heard it. Joel said it didn't register what he had witnessed til we were already in the car, but yeah, terrible parenting. Poor kid.

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