Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Banh mi

We had banh mi sandwiches again tonight. If you don't know, it's a Vietnamese sandwich stuffed full of goodness. OK, really-it's a sandwich stuffed full of disparate ingredients that somehow end up tasting great together. Most of them have bbq pork or shrimp, but I made up a quick marinade, pressed some tofu for an hour & then mixed it together & baked it for an hour, The do chua I had already made, sitting in the fridge from the last tine we had banh mi. Do chua is the ingredient that makes people look at you weird when you mention what it is. It's quickly pickled daikon & carrots. It smells like fermented farts when you open the container, but tastes slightly vinegary, slightly sweet, & imparts a slight crunch to the whole affair. Top everything w/ mayo, cilantro, a splash of soy sauce & jalapenos or a splash of chili oil. I left it out since I had added some sambal oelek ( Indonesian chili sauce) to the marinade. Traditionally there should be some pate ( I keep meaning to do a mushroom pate) & Japanese mayo, which is apparently richer. I don't think I've ever had it. Anyway, makes a quick, surprisingly tasty, & unusual sandwich. Once you've had it, you'll find yourself craving the tangy crunch of do chua mixed with mayo. Ours was vegetarian, & only missed being vegan because of the mayo. Obviously, vegan mayo totally works here too. Yum!

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